Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just MADE for the job!

It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and Kyle was thrilled! It was an exclusive sissy shop and salon, and you had to have a reference just to get in. But he had been there only 2 weeks ago, and had purchased the dreamy sissy dress he was now wearing. The invite for a free makeover, required that he wear the dress to his appointment. And the makeover was fantastic!

Afterwards, he was asked to go through the heavy wood doors, and into the office to take a survey... fair enough. No sooner had he closed the door behind him, and turned to survey his surroundings, when he was taken aback and stunned by a bright flash of pink light. His body immediately began to twist, contort, and move uncontrollably, until he found that he could no longer move at all. In fact, he felt as if he was not even breathing, but by the same token, was not struggling to do so.

His immobility heightened his sense of feel, much like a blind man uses his other senses, and he could intensely feel his curled hair brushing his shoulders and his back, and the cool air on his smooth stockinged legs. Even more intense was the smooth feel of his satin dress, and his matching panties hugging his crotch, which he could also feel was perfectly flat and smooth. There was absolutely no doubt in his mind, that he was perfectly smooth all over!

He could clearly hear the owner of the shop, who jumped up from behind her desk to inspect her new found handiwork... "Absolutely perfect... when you were in here to purchase your dress, and commented on the incredible realism of our mannequins, I was a little concerned that you might be just a bit too observant! Especially when you pointed out that there were no seams where the body parts attached to each other. But when you commented 'Is that so they can see how nice they look?' about how they faced an array of mirrors in each of the display areas, I was really worried. 

And when you pointed out that none of the other girls, was wearing your dress, that pretty much sealed your fate.  You know what they say, better safe than sorry! it was almost as if you were asking for the job! He barely heard her words, as the swishy, sissy feelings began to intensify. 'Don't be too afraid hun..  We do allow some real time and I'm sure that you will learn to enjoy it as much as our clients do."

Now the feminine feelings washing over him made him feel as if he was about to pee himself from fear, or excitement, or a combination of the two. He also felt as if he would have an orgasm at the same time, but there was no opening to release these torturous pleasures, which was probably the reason, as he would soon learn, that these feelings never dissipated.

She cracked the door, and softly called back into the store; "Oh Lisa, would you kindly come in here and take Karen out to the store, and find her a prominent place in one of the display arenas?"  Yes, it certainly was the experience of a very long lifetime!

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