Saturday, September 25, 2010

Answering the Call

Yes, my darling. My 100 years of service as the Fairy of Feminine Fantasy is complete. I have served a multitude of men who long to achieve it, and women who strive to amplify it. I have been with you since your early years, because I always sensed the powerful feelings with in you.

And now, should it be within you, it is your turn to serve. It is not required that you do, however, the choice will not be made by your conscious mind, but from within your heart. With a wave of my wand, all will be decided.  If your heart can not resist the desire, your mind will be helpless to as well. In either case, the time has come for us to part ways, but there will always be some part of me left within you.

And with that wave of the wand, she was gone. The brand-new Fairy of Feminine Fantasy could hear the bells summoning her off to her orientation meeting, and she instinctively fluttered away to answer the call.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get a Job!

The husband is a good for nothing, lazy, 'pretend' to look for a job freeloader! And because of that, he pretty much needs to do whatever I say, because we have a pre-nup, and without me, he has nothing! So this Saturday, I told him that I wanted to dress him up like a girl, and wanted him to do some office work, like a cute little secretary, to help earn his keep around here He, reluctantly, agreed. But he ddin't know, that I knew, that his latest transgression was that he had been sleeping with my secretary, so it was time to bring the hammer down!

You know, I had to fire Cyndi, because it turns out that the bitch was sleeping with my worthless husband! But what a break for you! Since you're already sitting there doing the job, you can be her replacement! And since you always commented on how well she took care of herself, and how nice her makeup looked, and how she was very attractive in her skirts and high heels, you will be allowed all the same amenities. Of course you won't be working at home during the week, because I already have her cubicle all cleared out, just waiting for you to move in!

These two burly gentlemen are here to see to it, that you don't deny my generous offer of full-time, permanent employment. One of them is a doctor, and he will be implanting a GPS chip into you, so I will always know where my sweet little Cindy is! Yes, how appropriate that you should have her name as well! He will also be giving you some shots, to help you adjust to your new role in life, because believe me, this is to be a permanent change for you, and you're going to want and need, all the help you can get!

This other fellow, is a tattooist. You are just going to love what he's going to do for you! Why after he's done with you, you'll never have to bother with putting eyeliner on again, and you will have a nice pink outline on your lips, to make putting your lipstick on so much easier! I guess I should mention that he also does piercing , and is going to supply you with a ring so that we can get a nice little device that will keep that horrible little secret of yours, out of everybody's way!

The young lady accompanying him will be your personal electrologist, and will take care of that nasty facial and body hair problem, so you'll be able to feel much better about yourself! When you're not at the office, or shopping for nice clothes to wear, or at the beauty parlor, or running errands, in your pretty little dresses and skirts, she will be here to get the job done as quickly as possible!

We have the whole weekend to get you a complete orientation, so you'll be all raring and ready to ride into the office with me on Monday morning! And since you already know and admire all the other girl's in the office, I'm sure that you will fit right in! Oh, and about casual Friday's. You know that I never partake in them, because as owner of the company, I feel a professional appearance is always in order. And as my secretary, I think that it's just the perfect day for you to be a pretty sidekick, and clothing like you're wearing now, would just be so sweet and appropriate for those relaxing days!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Scream, You Scream (A Story)

It was going even better than I had planned. Just a few final details to attend to, and I would have everything I was dreaming about lately. I was on the phone speaking with our lawyer feigning innocence and serious concern... "So it could ruin his whole life... What if somebody does find out?... He might have to register as a sex offender?... He could actually go to prison?..." All the answers that I was expecting to hear.

Some cooperation from my sister, and her 16 year old daughter, who's reputation was a bit questionable, and a nanny-cam, was all it took! I was all set and able to spring my trap, tonight! Yup there's going to be some BIG changes around here come tomorrow morning. Now don't get me wrong, Cal doesn't treat me bad, but he's nerdy, geeky, weird, and has this one big perversion that drives me nuts.

Suzy Creamtreetz! The name of our ice cream store chain, and our incredibly popular mascot, who was origionated by by mom. Thirty-two stores in six counties and two states, and still growing! And each and every one of those stores has a person playing the part of Suzy! Walking around town in her garishly sissy attire, during the spring and summer months, passing balloons out to the kids, then serving as a hostess in the store during the rest of the year. We even employ several full-time substitutes, because it it a seven day a week operation, and people need time off. It might not sound cost-effective, but in these parts, Suzy is as well known to children as Ronald McDonald, or Santa Claus, which makes it like Christmas year round, as far as the revenue goes! Now at the time she started all this, her costumes weren't viewed as sexy, or sissy... just young and childish, which, of course, children related to. But today... OMG.. but it's hard to argue with tradition, or success.

He's in charge of the company, and makes the rounds to all the stores. He usually isn't checking out other women, but he completely dotes on anyone who's wearing a Suzy Creamtreetz costume. It wasn't just one dress. There were about six differnt styles for 'Suzy' to choose from, but they all had the same theme. Short, frilly, sissy type dresses with petticoats. All of them were pink, white, or a combination of the two colors . But no matter which one of them someone happens to be wearing, Cal can't keep his eyes of them. I was a bit offended last year, when we went to a Halloween party, and some guy went as my mom, in drag-queen fashion, but Cal was treating him like he was the queen of some second-world nation. I didn't really like to, but once in a while I would wear one of the costumes, when I wanted him to show some initiative in the sack, and it worked every time.

But I guess it all evens out, because I've developed a perversion of my own over the last few months. I was on-line, and accidentally stumbled upon a site that had to do with feminization and chastisement of men. Turning my husband into a pathetic, wimpy, sissy slave, PERMANENTLY is ALL I think about these days. Even when I'm not horny. The thought of having so much control over a mate, to the point where he is more like a pet absolutely drives me wild!. So I guess one plus one really does equal two. He was helplessly trapped, and wouldn't even be aware of it until it was FAR too late! Everything was in place, And all my people and equipment were at the ready. This was certainly going to be a rude awakening!

I was determined to start it all off with some teasing and torment! ! Having like eighty Suzy Creamtreetz costumes floating around, it's easy to get your hands on one when you need it! When he came through the door and saw me in it, he was all over me. 'Wait till later, honey, I mean we have to have dinner first... I want you to really be Jonesing for it." I seductively suggested. So I imagine, you can understand, that now we were both HOT! So we had some wine with dinner, and his, of course, was laced. So knowing that I had left him missing out on perhaps one of the biggest orgasms of his life, which would have been his last, got me going! And knowing that the tattoo/piercing guy was not due for another two hours, I broke out 'Old Faithful' and had one of the best orgasms of my life.

He slept really soundly, despite all the piercing and tattooing, but I had set my alarm to be sure that I would be right there when he awoke, tied spread-eagle to the bed. I had to make sure that he couldn't just knee-jerk react to his predicament, until I had fully explained his new circumstances, and place in life. I had him nicely 'tucked in', in more ways than one, and he could certainly feel that quite a few things were a lot different, despite the fact that he doesn't know what they are! Of course he must have been aware that he was wearing something smooth, and somewhat stiff, and that he was certainly wearing shoes. And I'm pretty sure he had to notice that his nut sacks and penis were sore as hell. It took everything I had not to start rubbing myself as soon as his tirade started! It was going to be so much fun, letting him discover his exquisite little, PERMANENT changes one by one! OMG, that word just gets my juices flowing! Especially being that, realistically, his future has all been set in stone, and he doesn't even know it yet!

So after being called the B word and the C word, I popped the video in, and told him that he needs to watch it, and listen to what I have to say. You see, we knew Cal would be working at that particular store that week, and that their regular Suzy was on vacation, and they got my niece to fill in for her. Amazing what the lack of sound does to change one's interpretation of video. You know, a picture is worth a thousand words! My niece had done a SUPER job, when she went in the office to discuss some trivial matter. There was nothing even close to 'sex' involved, but there certainly was a lot of what could be considered to be, 'inappropriate' behaviour considering it was between an adult and a juvenile. All instigated, of, course, by my niece, but she went out of her way to make it look like Cal was the aggressor. And as I explained to Cal, and had spoken with our lawyer about, this could land him in some pretty deep trouble. But I was also holding a trump card! Cal was terrified of my sister's husband Joe! And if Joe knew would had transpired, Cal might be better off being arrested!

I could see in his face that he knew I had him! And I'm giggling to myself, because he only has a few clues as to what's been done to him! So I tell him that I already have 911 dialed up on the phone, and that I am going to release him, and that if he makes one suspicious move, that I will press the send button.We all know how that works, and he agrees to be cool. I had covered the mirrors on the wardrobe door with a sheet, so that he couldn't have a look at his new persona until I allowed it. So I pull down the sheet, unlock all his bondage apparatus, and proudly announce... Ta Da... It's SUZY CREAMTREETZ! He got out from under the covers, and had a good look at himself wearing the frilly, pink satin dress, with his face all made up, and the long, blonde, wig, with just oodles and oodles of curls,. The dress was short, but not so much as to reveal his panties. It had a very flouncy attached petticoat, and all kinds of lace, ribbons, and ruffles, all over the place. Just like the ones you see on-line in places that sell dresses for adult sissies. As a matter of fact, that's where we buy them. Sheer lace ankle socks with a frilly top trim , pink high heels, and a delicate pair of sheer, see-through fingerless gloves to top of the sweet look. Pretty pink from head to toe!

His entire face turned white as a ghost, as he viewed himself in the mirror. I didn't know that PERMANENT blush could turn pale like that! And now I was getting HOT... again! You know how with girl's costumes that have real short skirts, how the panties are supposed to be made out of like the same material as the costume, and are OK to be 'flashed'? Well I made sure that hers were so sheer, lacy, and frilly, that it was obvious, they were made to be protected from view! Well I had a perfect perspective, and as I laughed, I said, 'GIRL, you really need to learn to keep that view to yourself!" I was shocked at how well she understood my comment, and how quickly she crossed her legs! This, was certainly a very good sign. Then I was sure! It wasn't about the character, or the person, it was about the COSTUME itself! Check and Mate', I gloated to myself, as she instinctively crossed her legs to hide her humiliation! But she still had some kick in her, and went through the obligatory rants, raves, and refusals, but I stopped all that by flashing the cell phone at her. She realized that she wouldn't be able to get herself all 'changed back' before the police arrived, despite the fact that she didn't know that it wouldn't even be possible!

So now I don't know who's head is reeling more, her's or mine, because she only has a HINT as to her new situation, and I am just 'Creamtreeting' knowing how much more she has to discover. Well, I guess crossing her legs brought this item to her attention... She brazenly exited her feminine pose, and spread her legs, as her hands found their way to her crotch, and exclaimed; "WTF IS THIS?"... OMG! this is SO FREAKIN HOT, I thought to myself.

Well you know how geeks are. This guy had a tool box that consisted of two Phillips, two straight screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, and a vice grips. He didn't even own a power tool! We once had a fight because he wanted to pay some guy $25 to assemble an entertainment center he had purchased.. I did it myself... with his lousy tools! So it wasn't very likely that she was going to find a way out any type of penile imprisonment. Some creative piercing of some personal parts was certainly going to ensure that everything stayed just the way I wanted it. But for now, it was just the large ring in the piercing at the base of the head, with a wide pink ribbon, pulling it back between his legs, and then sewn to the back of the waist of the panties. I had to give the piercings some time to heal before I could move on to better devices. But, for now, it served the purposes I wanted most of all. He would not be able to get an erection, and at least from the front, his crotch would look as flat as any other girls. "Oh ... That... I stated matter of factly... would be your 'protection'... You see, SISSIES do not achieve orgasms... they only give them. ... And YOU are NOW, a First-class-sissy! Not to mention that I wouldn't want a horrible little bulge spoiling the look of the crotch of your pretty panties." Suddenly the washed out blush returned to normal, and had an amplification, as she got her first taste of the permanence of my work.

She furtively tried to pull down her panties to have a closer look at the horrid contraption, and was greeted by another one of my little surprises. I had woven a wide, pink ribbon through the area of the waistline, pulled it tight, tied a bow in the front, and put a hasp through the bow, and finished it all off with a metal washer and an adorable little padlock! The bow could not be untied, making it impossible to pull down her panties! As soon as she began her pathetic protests, I knew it was time to test my new found power... 'SILENCE!" I commanded... showing the cell phone again. ONE MORE WORD out of you, and the cops will be here!" It worked! I continued; "Just imagine if I did hit the send button, and showed the cops your little performance on the video, and they arrested you. Think about the entertainment everyone would have, when they strip-searched you, and found you exquisitely locked and chastised in your frillllly little panties!"

We both knew the game was over, so it was time for me to start enjoying my new authority. I forced her into all different kinds of girlie poses, and took oodles of pix with my phone. Now it was time to start establishing some rules. I knew she had a couple million questions, and that I would have to let her speak sometime." Here's how it will be", I told her. "You are no longer to refer to me as honey, dear, or any other titles of the sort. You are to address me as Miss Lori. AT ALL TIMES. If you wish to speak to me, and you are seated, you are to daintily cross your legs, if they are not already in that position, and you are to raise your hand like a schoolgirl, and gently, and delicately wave it. You are not to speak, until I acknowledge you, and ask you what you want. If you are standing, you are to stand very straight, and pull your legs tightly together. You are then to pull your elbow tight against your body, and with your hand at shoulder level, flip your wrist back, so that the palm of your hand is facing up. That's a bit complicated, and we'll work on that later. But when that does happen, after being acknowledged, you are to give a very well practiced curtsy before speaking. And don't worry about being able to do so properly because you will be taking lessons. And in NO CASE WHATSOEVER, are you to raise your hand to issue any kind of complaint. When I recognize you, you are to begin whatever it is you have to say, with 'Miss Lori'... Understood?"

I was kind of shocked and thrilled as she crossed her legs and raised her hand, exactly as I had instructed her to. "Yes, Karen' I stated. She looked at me odd, but realized that this was the name I was going to be calling here by. Some of her questions I answered, and some I told her that I was not going to answer at this time, and that she was not allowed to pursue. Some of her questions, I sternly told her, sounded like complaints to me. She got the message on those, and was fast learning what was and wasn't acceptable. When she asked how long I planned on keeping her like this, I told her that I had not yet decided, and it was for an indefinite period of time. I was kind of snickering to myself about that one, because I knew she was only about one hour away from realizing that her status as Karen was going to be PERMANENT. I could actually feel myself getting moist between the legs, thinking about the manner in which the discovery would be made.

When she asked me, with a look of terror in her eyes, what I planned on doing about her work, I told her that we would discuss that after breakfast, which really started my juices flowing! So it was time to reaffirm my status as Alpha Dog... "What is your name?" I inquired... no response. "I still have 911 dialed up," I threatened. With that, she crossed her legs, and rose her hand. "You do not have to raise your hand to answer me, it is only when you want to start the conversation, that you need to do so," I stated. "I guess my name is Karen," she meekly mumbled. "I GUESS?????, I fumed... that certainly will not do! I guess we need to learn a lesson for that! From now on, when ANYONE, asks you what your name is, you are to proudly, and enthusiastically respond, in the brightest and most girlie voice that you are capable of, 'My name is Karen,' and you are to wiggle your fingers around, in a very girlie fashion while saying it!" OMG! This just popped up in my head! It was getting hard to hide how really turned on I was getting! It was going to be SO humiliating to her, to state her name in such a sissy fashion, and I had just, on a whim, made it a permanent condition of her life! I looked her square in her made-up eyes and scolded; "This is the first of many, PERMANENT punishments you will be receiving, if you do not accept, and act your role properly... UNDERSTAND?" "Yes," she timidly replied. " Now let's try that again... "What is your name?" It came out of her pretty much like I had instructed, but I could see this was something else she was going to find herself practicing to perfect. "Good enough, sweetie," I said. . "Now get your butt out to the kitchen so we can eat." As I watched her skirted butt swish by me, I couldn't resit hiking up the hem of her dress, and giving her a playful, but firm, smack on her pantied fanny. I still loved and cared for her, just in a whole different way now.

She just sat quietly while I prepared us some eggs and homefries and such, which certainly was out of character. Usually there was nagging about which frying pan I was using, or that I was using too much butter. This was certainly going to be a change for the better. She raised her hand a few times during breakfast but I was enjoying the peace and quiet. The first time she did, I told her; "Not now Karen." And she immediately raised it again. I looked at her and said, "Is it an EMERGENCY?" She blushed, shook her head no, and put her hand right back down. It was truly adorable... just like a shy little girl. And I had just made another rule, without even having to express it in detail.

Now comes my favorite part of the whole day! It was kind of mean, but was way fun, and really laid the law down, and put things into perspective. She thought this was a day off for her, because there was a store mangers meeting that day. Upper management such as her, myself,, my sister and her husband, Joe, didn't normally attend these. I told her that my sister had called, and it turned out that one of the managers had brought up an issue that really needed our attention, and it was going to be discussed at the meeting. so we all needed to attend. Her eyes got huge as saucers, and her hand shot right up. I reminded her of the proper way of asking for permission to speak, and she complied. She asked what time the meeting was, and I told her that it was in two hours. I could see the panic, and she totally lost it, and forgot all she had been taught, and started screaming. So I picked up my cell phone and brought 911 up again. That phone is one handy little thing. So she properly raised her hand, and asked about how she was expected to attend. I sternly warned her that I had had enough of her insubordination, and SWORE to her, that if she acted out like that one more time, that I would send the call. She knew that I meant it! I always back up my threats.

I explained to her that she was welcome to go to our room and take off her makeup and her outfit, and that she could change into whatever she wanted. She asked me about the locked panties, and I explained to her that there was no reason why she shouldn't keep them on, because I did not want to undo her makeshift chasity device. She accepted that, and probably felt a huge relief, thinking that I was overplaying the situation, and was going to turn here into one of those sissies who wear dresses at home, but go to work wearing only women's underwear under their normal work clothes. WRONG-O! I told her that I did not want to hear from her again for the next hour. NO MATTER WHAT! That was pure evil! I was amazed that she obeyed, because I'm sure that she was shocked by all the rest of my surprises! So right on the one hour mark, she comes dashing back into the kitchen, somewhat disheveled, with her makeup, that which could be, removed, but still wearing every bit of the costume except for the gloves.

I asked here if she had decided that she liked her new outfit, and couldn't wait to be seen it by the rest of the world. She dared to call me sarcastic, but I let it go, remained calm, and told her I didn't like her attitude a bit, and suggested that maybe another permanent punishment was called for. It was the final nail in her coffin. and she became docile again. And that would have bee here last chance to defy, and possibly leave. But she was in a pretty vulnerable situation... I mean she managed to take off her mascara, foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, and nail polish, but she was still wearing eyeliner, lip liner, and blush, all of which had been tattooed on! I had made sure that there were no sharp objects in our bathroom or bedroom, so that she would not be able to cut her dress off when she discovered there were was a heavy loop attached to each side of the zipper, at the top of the dress, which had her padlocked into it. Once she discovered that, I imagine she figured it would upset me greatly if she damaged the dress trying to tear it off of her. She wasn't able to take the socks off, because after I had buckled her shoes on her, I had sewn the straps together right behind the buckles. As poofy as the dress was, she certainly would not have been able to put the flouncy bottom inside of a pair of pants, even if she could have worked the legs over the shoes! Just MAYBE, she could have covered the billowy bodice of the dress with a shirt or jacket, but that would look even more foolish then the ensemble did! The wig could be taken off, but there was a flap of fabric sewn into the cap, which attached it to the back of the dress. The fact that she was still wearing the wig led me rto believe that she would rather be seen as a girl, then a femmed up man, just as I had hoped. She was hopelessly trapped and at my mercy, of which there would be little.

"So are you tyring to tell me that you are unable to change your outfit", I coyly asked. "Yes, Miss Lori", she meekly responded. I think she actually believed that I was going to give her a last second reprieve, when she put up her hand and asked me if I would please give her the key to the dress. But I had made sure that I wouldn't back out, and calmly explained that I had disposed of the key, and that opening the lock was not possible. "Well sweetie, we don't have much time, and we DO have to attend. So I guess you're just going to have to go with what you're wearing." I said sweetly and softly. "But at least we do have time to get your make up fixed back up, and get your nails polished again... you'd like that... wouldn't you?"

The End... at least for now.

Text COPYRIGHT 2010 Karen Trexler and Kaytrex ENT

Superb images by Tiffany Amber Rhoads.The author wishes to thank her for generously allowing them to be used in conjuction with this story! Be sure to check her out on Flickr,  and by all means, leave your comments of approval for all the effort she puts into looking her very best!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Channel Surfing

Every Sunday, he would lay around the house watching football on TV. When I would complain about his lack of help around the house, he would point the remote at me and click it, saying that it must not work, because I was still there riding him. Things were going to change today! After his usual antics, I took the remote from him and told him that I bet I could get it to work!

So as he sat there with a smirk on his face, I showed him why some people refer to it as a 'zapper!'. "Now that's my favorite channel!", I smirked.  Now get up off your lazy ass, and do the work you are so appropriately dressed for, because this is the channel we will be watching every weekend for now on!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore!

Tom had always fantasized about Alice in Wonderland, but not the classic, He saw hot for that X rated version they made in the 70's! So he's standing in his bedroom one morning, checking his suit and making sure his tie is straight, when the mirror got cloudy, as if it was steamed up by the shower. Seconds later, it began to clear, and while he could still see his own image, He could also see a bunch of characters from the movie. He looked behind himself, and, of course, none of the images in the mirror were in the room.
He was startled when he turned back to the mirror, and saw the White Rabbit clear as a bell. 'Come,' the rabbit beckoned, 'Come to Wonderland, and you shall be one, with Alice!' It was certainly a tempting offer, but it really didn't matter. He no sooner reached to touch the mirror, when it just sucked him right through! As soon as he realized what had happened, he found himself dressed as the Mad Hatter, and there she was, Alice! She was running from the Red Queen, and her goonies, and he instinctively started running like a madman, which he obviously was, and snatched Alice off her feet, and left the pursuers in the dust, as he easily took her to safety into a heavy forest.
When they were well clear, he set her down, and she looked straight into his eyes, and said, 'Oh my hero, thank you so much for saving me, you must be rewarded!' And with that, a clearing opened up, and a beautiful bed appeared. Neither one of them wasted any time, and they were going at it like white rabbits. Just as he was about to have a cartoonishly serious release, he heard the queen shout, 'There the girl is... seize her!' but Alice was gone, and now HE was Alice!' Then he heard her voice in his head, 'We are now one!" '

Have your way with her,' the Queen instructed her band of goonies, an order they were glad to oblige
He could hear Alice, in his head, moaning with the pleasure, but he felt something entirely different. His feelings were as if he were a helpless little girl, being mercilessly tickled by the gang that was upon them, and found himself whimpering, giggling and laughing in torture. He was crying out, begging for it to end. But it was Alice's voice that was coming from them, and she was begging for more!

When the orgy was over, the Queen spoke again. 'I shall not have this pretty young tart as competition in my court. Take her back from wherest she came!' The forest suddenly vanished, and turned into a narrow street lined with hundreds of subjects, chanting 'Back she goes', as the goonies lifted her dress, and fondled and molested her soaked panties, and round bosoms during the parade. When they reached the end of the road, he could see his bedroom on the other side of the mirror. He was gently nudged though it, and found himself back home. He looked over his shoulder at the mirror, and could see the laughing and taunting images fading. They were quickly gone, and never returned. Then he heard Alice's voice within him. "Let's clean up, change our panties, and go out and have some REAL fun!".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just MADE for the job!

It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and Kyle was thrilled! It was an exclusive sissy shop and salon, and you had to have a reference just to get in. But he had been there only 2 weeks ago, and had purchased the dreamy sissy dress he was now wearing. The invite for a free makeover, required that he wear the dress to his appointment. And the makeover was fantastic!

Afterwards, he was asked to go through the heavy wood doors, and into the office to take a survey... fair enough. No sooner had he closed the door behind him, and turned to survey his surroundings, when he was taken aback and stunned by a bright flash of pink light. His body immediately began to twist, contort, and move uncontrollably, until he found that he could no longer move at all. In fact, he felt as if he was not even breathing, but by the same token, was not struggling to do so.

His immobility heightened his sense of feel, much like a blind man uses his other senses, and he could intensely feel his curled hair brushing his shoulders and his back, and the cool air on his smooth stockinged legs. Even more intense was the smooth feel of his satin dress, and his matching panties hugging his crotch, which he could also feel was perfectly flat and smooth. There was absolutely no doubt in his mind, that he was perfectly smooth all over!

He could clearly hear the owner of the shop, who jumped up from behind her desk to inspect her new found handiwork... "Absolutely perfect... when you were in here to purchase your dress, and commented on the incredible realism of our mannequins, I was a little concerned that you might be just a bit too observant! Especially when you pointed out that there were no seams where the body parts attached to each other. But when you commented 'Is that so they can see how nice they look?' about how they faced an array of mirrors in each of the display areas, I was really worried. 

And when you pointed out that none of the other girls, was wearing your dress, that pretty much sealed your fate.  You know what they say, better safe than sorry! it was almost as if you were asking for the job! He barely heard her words, as the swishy, sissy feelings began to intensify. 'Don't be too afraid hun..  We do allow some real time and I'm sure that you will learn to enjoy it as much as our clients do."

Now the feminine feelings washing over him made him feel as if he was about to pee himself from fear, or excitement, or a combination of the two. He also felt as if he would have an orgasm at the same time, but there was no opening to release these torturous pleasures, which was probably the reason, as he would soon learn, that these feelings never dissipated.

She cracked the door, and softly called back into the store; "Oh Lisa, would you kindly come in here and take Karen out to the store, and find her a prominent place in one of the display arenas?"  Yes, it certainly was the experience of a very long lifetime!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Girls' Party

Kevin's mother was furious when she found out that he had lied about having to go out of town on the weekend he had been invited to a party being thrown by one of the girls in his class. When she questioned him why he would do something so horrible, he told her that he was afraid that he would be the only boy at a girls' party. Well Mom was going to see to it that would not be an issue. 'Karen' will be attending, and certainly does not have to worry about being the only boy there!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stop Clowning Around!

My girlfriend was furious when she found that I hadn't gotten a costume for the Halloween party that we were to attend three days from now. It was to be a huge affair, invoving the entire company she worked for, and was going to be held in a rented banquet hall. Her mother had worked as a circus performer, and she had a vintage costume of her's that she was planning on wearing. She had asked that I get something that would go in line with her costume, such as a ringmaster or a magician. I told her I told her that I could just throw something together, but she told me that wouldn't do, because she wanted to dazzle her co-workers. So after she ripped me a new one, she made me promise that I would wear whatever costume that she got for me. I was a bit apprehensive, but of course, agreed. The next day, she told me that she had gotten a costume for me, and that I would be going as 'the clown that you are!'. I was relieved when I went to her house this morning, the day of the party, until she showed me what I would be wearing! She's grabbing her purse and her car keys at this very moment! I guess I have to go now!