Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Looks Like the Pump is on the Other Foot! (Part 1 of 2)

It wasn't just that my husband had been totally sexist when he bitched out our Receptionist for the somewhat plain clothes she wore to work, but he also did it in a manner which was downright sexually harassing. She came to me in tears, and informed me that she could not work under those conditions, and that she was considering legal action besides. We  had only started the business a few months ago, and a lawsuit at this point, would have forced us out before we even good things going.

I begged and pleaded with her, and informed her that I would do whatever she wanted if she could get past this. She explained that as long as he was her boss, she didn't think he was capable of controlling his overbearing attitude. when I explained to her that we weren't in a position to hire any new employees, and since he and I were the only ones that were actually handling managerial duties, that I really couldn't promote her to a position where she wouldn't be under his authority.

But she had a solution for that, which certainly equated to letting the punishment fit the crime! She had been with us since the start, and knew, and had performed every duty that was involved with our operation, and explained why there was no reason why she wouldn't be able to perform HIS duties and thereby not be an underling to him. I responded that if I put her in that situation, that
there would be nothing for my husband to do, and that we would still need a 'girl at the desk'.

She then stated that since he wanted her to 'pretty her sexy ass up a bit, so that those in the waiting area would have some suitably feminine looking 'eye candy' to admire  while they were waiting,'  that  it would just be an ideal situation, if he were put in that role, so everyone could get a good idea as to what his idea of those standards should be. She further suggested that it would be best if we came up with an appropriate outfit, and mandated it as a uniform, so that we would never have this type of confrontation in the future.

So sorry, Curt! Until such time as we expand to the point where we can afford to replace you, and put you in a position where our female employees will not have to suffer your insensitivity, it looks like you'll be going by the name of Karen for now on!

Looks Like the Pump is on the Other Foot! (part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of 2
It had been several weeks, and Karen had actually adjusted pretty well to her new uniform, and her position as our new Recptionist. She was wearing a gaff, to hide her male parts, on a regular basis, but I confronted her one day, and found out that she wasn't wearing all the different pairs of pretty panties I had purchased for her, in all different combinations of yellow and white, so they would match her uniform nicely. This was unacepptable!

So I just informed her, that since her skirt was so short, that she was not able to tuck it under her butt when she sat, that we were switching her chair in the office, to one with a clear plastic seat, so we could keep our eyes on things! I can't wait until she finds out that we are also mounting a video camera underneath, which we can turn on whenever we please, and which just also happens to be hooked up to all the monitors in the waiting area!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Bit Overboard!

  Carl loved to play dress-up more than any other guy I had ever feminized! What he didn't know, was that each time we would play, I was adding another long term hypnotic suggestion that would take him deeper and deeper into his own femininity! And the best part about the whole process, is that the more they really want your guidance, the less resistant they are, and the further you can take them!

After each of our 'sessions' he would revert to his normal male self, and not even realize that for each progressive session, he would want to go further than the last time. A little more make-up this time, more jewelry and accessories the next, a shorter skirt, higher heels, and so on and so forth. The one suggestion that would remain with him all the time, was the desire to grow his own hair, which I used as the timer for the bomb I was about to spring on him! He didn't even seem to notice that as his hair was getting longer, that his heels were getting higher, and his hemlines were getting shorter!

And today is that magical day! I had styled his hair before, but even he couldn't believe how easily he had accepted when I told him I wanted to color his shoulder-length hair. All I have to do now, is say the phrase, and the trigger will be pulled. Then Carl will become Karen, with an absolutely insatiable desire to be PERMANENTLY dressed in the most feminine attire, with short skirts and high heels, and wouldn't even dream of being seen in pants, or without full make-up, neatly styled hair, and polished nails!

And just to top everything off, I've decided to include a naughty little pass time for us to enjoy together! Just watch her reaction to this! 'My dear Karen... You look  soooo sweet and adorable in that outfit, that I bet that you would just love  to go out shopping for the perfect panties to go with it.' And with that, her fate is sealed!

OMG this one is really over the top, and far exceeds my expectations, and even my wildest hopes and dreams! 'Oh Karen,  we are going to have soooo much fun together for a long time to come!'

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School's Out

Gene didn't want a summer job. He just wanted to hang around with his friends and play baseball all summer. So his mom had a friend of her's, who owned the place, hire him to wait tables at the local kid's themed 'Cotton Candy's' restaurant. He was dreading wearing those stupid pink and white striped vests, that the boys who worked there had to wear. His fears were unfounded. The waitress uniforms he was issued didn't include a vest.

Never the Bride

Tom thought it was a great prank, when he made a mad dash across the floor to grab the bouquet at his friend's wedding. The bridesmaids and the other girls didn't find it amusing, and decided that an appropriate punishment was in order. 'Tiffany' overplayed her hand, when she tried to ruin their revenge, by co-operating, and playing along, when they decided to dress him up in his girlfriend, Connie's,  bridesmaid gown.

So after some discussion among Connie, and the other bridesmaids,, and agreement from their boyfriends to see that justice would be served, the maid of honor announced the sentence.

"Since you find it so amusing, and you seem to enjoy being one of the girls, you will spend one day of the week, at each of our houses, serving as our personal maid. We will all see to it that you have an appropriate uniform to wear, while performing your duties. As each of us gets married, you will be a bridesmaid at our weddings as well. This will continue, on a full-time basis, until each and every one of us has been married. Our boyfriends and husbands will see to it that these terms will be strictly enforced. Just like a pet, that we would be heartbroken to lose, we will have a GPS chip implanted into you, so you will be easy to find, should you ever decide to attempt to wander away from us.'

So with the maid of honor, Connie, and four other bridesmaids, she thought that she would at least get one day a week off. but she underestimated Connnie's desire to have a well-kept house, and soon  found herself staying in her own bedroom, and Connie with a new boyfriend, who she had no intention of EVER marrying!

(Photo of Tiffany Amber Rhoads appreciatively used with her kind permission. Be sure to check out more photos of her on her website!