Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Never the Bride

Tom thought it was a great prank, when he made a mad dash across the floor to grab the bouquet at his friend's wedding. The bridesmaids and the other girls didn't find it amusing, and decided that an appropriate punishment was in order. 'Tiffany' overplayed her hand, when she tried to ruin their revenge, by co-operating, and playing along, when they decided to dress him up in his girlfriend, Connie's,  bridesmaid gown.

So after some discussion among Connie, and the other bridesmaids,, and agreement from their boyfriends to see that justice would be served, the maid of honor announced the sentence.

"Since you find it so amusing, and you seem to enjoy being one of the girls, you will spend one day of the week, at each of our houses, serving as our personal maid. We will all see to it that you have an appropriate uniform to wear, while performing your duties. As each of us gets married, you will be a bridesmaid at our weddings as well. This will continue, on a full-time basis, until each and every one of us has been married. Our boyfriends and husbands will see to it that these terms will be strictly enforced. Just like a pet, that we would be heartbroken to lose, we will have a GPS chip implanted into you, so you will be easy to find, should you ever decide to attempt to wander away from us.'

So with the maid of honor, Connie, and four other bridesmaids, she thought that she would at least get one day a week off. but she underestimated Connnie's desire to have a well-kept house, and soon  found herself staying in her own bedroom, and Connie with a new boyfriend, who she had no intention of EVER marrying!

(Photo of Tiffany Amber Rhoads appreciatively used with her kind permission. Be sure to check out more photos of her on her website!

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