Monday, August 30, 2010

The weird old lady and her box of crap

The landlord was actually grateful that the weird old lady had just up and disappeared. He was pretty sure she had seen him, on more than one occasion, slipping to his car while dressed in his female role. Every time he had to deal with her, she always had that wicked little smile that let him know that she knew his little secret.

She sure was a pack rat! There were just boxes and boxes of everyday junk left behind. Then he came upon a large, heavy, box which was thoroughly sealed up. It had a label on it which read; 'WARNING contents are intended to  fulfill a passing daydream of the everyday housewife, and are intended to last a lifetime. Be careful what you wish for" So he got a razor knife and opened the box. As he did, the box exploded into sparkly dust and vanished. He noticed a  slip of paper floating to the floor and picked it up. It was a lottery ticket, dated 3 days ago. Well it couldn't be possible! She had been gone for over a month while he was filing all the legal paperwork to take possession of the house. He went to his computer, and discovered that it was a single winning ticket worth a cool 24 million dollars! That sure made up for the rent she stiffed him on! 

 Most people would have been  busy celebrating their new found riches, but he was intrigued and curious, and wondered what else might await him. He certainly wasn't a housewife, and couldn't understand why there was a warning. Was it the old 'money can't buy happiness' cliche? But it sure was right on target about 'lasting a lifetime'.

So after countless myriads more of boxes of junk, he came across a very small, light box with a similar notice. 'WARNING contents are intended to fulfill a passing daydream of the most swishy, sissy, and prissy of girls, and are intended to last a lifetime. Be careful what you wish for" So he got the razor knife and opened the box. As he did, the box exploded into sparkly dust and vanished.

Tricked by the hypnotist

I didn't know that she was a master hypnotist when she talked me into letting her dress me up completely as a girl. And now i could hear here voice commanding me.

When I snap my fingers, you will be well aware of all the conditions I am about to outline...  Wearing any garment that has leg openings, that extend below your crotch, will cause your legs to itch and burn intolerably, as will wearing any type of hosiery which can not be seen through. Wearing any article of clothing which covers your knees will have the same effect.  You will find it extremely difficult to walk in any pair of shoes that does not have a heel which is at least 2 inches high.
Lack of colored paint on either your fingernails or toenails will also make your fingers or toes burn and itch. If your shoes do not clearly allow your painted toenails to be seen, then your feet will burn and itch. Lack of eyeliner or mascara will cause your eyes to burn and itch, and lack of colored lipstick will have the same effect on your lips... 1... 2... 3... SNAP

Ok, so this is me. I use the name Kaytrex all over the internet, so I'm not that hard to find. Chances are, if you go to any other TG sites, you'll find me there. I go by the full name of Karen Trexler, thus the Kaytrex moniker. The first place I found captioned TG photos was at I thought they were great, so I'm going to try some of my own, and use photos of myself for a trial run. They'll probably be a little sloppy till I get the hang of the site, so please bear with me.