Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ding Dong!

Who the hell did he think he was???!!! We were at a party, and my sister, who sells Avon, was hot on the trail of a sale, when out of nowhere, my husband comes out and claims that the stuff is crap! When I asked him what experience his opinion was based on, he didn't have an answer. I just glared at him the rest of the night. I made arrangements with my sister, and when we got home, I informed him that the next time we were at a party, I would make the conversation topic how he liked to dress up in my clothes, if he didn't do exactly as my sister and I told him to do the next day.

He hadn't worn makeup before, but we decided that he had no right to dis a product that he had never tried. We made sure he got a REAL good sampling. Pretty hard to call the stuff crap when it made him look as good as he did! In fact, we thought it worked so well for him, that he should be out there singing the praises on a full-time basis! Ding Dong... There's a new Avon lady in town, and she's her own best customer!

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