Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Bit Overboard!

  Carl loved to play dress-up more than any other guy I had ever feminized! What he didn't know, was that each time we would play, I was adding another long term hypnotic suggestion that would take him deeper and deeper into his own femininity! And the best part about the whole process, is that the more they really want your guidance, the less resistant they are, and the further you can take them!

After each of our 'sessions' he would revert to his normal male self, and not even realize that for each progressive session, he would want to go further than the last time. A little more make-up this time, more jewelry and accessories the next, a shorter skirt, higher heels, and so on and so forth. The one suggestion that would remain with him all the time, was the desire to grow his own hair, which I used as the timer for the bomb I was about to spring on him! He didn't even seem to notice that as his hair was getting longer, that his heels were getting higher, and his hemlines were getting shorter!

And today is that magical day! I had styled his hair before, but even he couldn't believe how easily he had accepted when I told him I wanted to color his shoulder-length hair. All I have to do now, is say the phrase, and the trigger will be pulled. Then Carl will become Karen, with an absolutely insatiable desire to be PERMANENTLY dressed in the most feminine attire, with short skirts and high heels, and wouldn't even dream of being seen in pants, or without full make-up, neatly styled hair, and polished nails!

And just to top everything off, I've decided to include a naughty little pass time for us to enjoy together! Just watch her reaction to this! 'My dear Karen... You look  soooo sweet and adorable in that outfit, that I bet that you would just love  to go out shopping for the perfect panties to go with it.' And with that, her fate is sealed!

OMG this one is really over the top, and far exceeds my expectations, and even my wildest hopes and dreams! 'Oh Karen,  we are going to have soooo much fun together for a long time to come!'

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