Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore!

Tom had always fantasized about Alice in Wonderland, but not the classic, He saw hot for that X rated version they made in the 70's! So he's standing in his bedroom one morning, checking his suit and making sure his tie is straight, when the mirror got cloudy, as if it was steamed up by the shower. Seconds later, it began to clear, and while he could still see his own image, He could also see a bunch of characters from the movie. He looked behind himself, and, of course, none of the images in the mirror were in the room.
He was startled when he turned back to the mirror, and saw the White Rabbit clear as a bell. 'Come,' the rabbit beckoned, 'Come to Wonderland, and you shall be one, with Alice!' It was certainly a tempting offer, but it really didn't matter. He no sooner reached to touch the mirror, when it just sucked him right through! As soon as he realized what had happened, he found himself dressed as the Mad Hatter, and there she was, Alice! She was running from the Red Queen, and her goonies, and he instinctively started running like a madman, which he obviously was, and snatched Alice off her feet, and left the pursuers in the dust, as he easily took her to safety into a heavy forest.
When they were well clear, he set her down, and she looked straight into his eyes, and said, 'Oh my hero, thank you so much for saving me, you must be rewarded!' And with that, a clearing opened up, and a beautiful bed appeared. Neither one of them wasted any time, and they were going at it like white rabbits. Just as he was about to have a cartoonishly serious release, he heard the queen shout, 'There the girl is... seize her!' but Alice was gone, and now HE was Alice!' Then he heard her voice in his head, 'We are now one!" '

Have your way with her,' the Queen instructed her band of goonies, an order they were glad to oblige
He could hear Alice, in his head, moaning with the pleasure, but he felt something entirely different. His feelings were as if he were a helpless little girl, being mercilessly tickled by the gang that was upon them, and found himself whimpering, giggling and laughing in torture. He was crying out, begging for it to end. But it was Alice's voice that was coming from them, and she was begging for more!

When the orgy was over, the Queen spoke again. 'I shall not have this pretty young tart as competition in my court. Take her back from wherest she came!' The forest suddenly vanished, and turned into a narrow street lined with hundreds of subjects, chanting 'Back she goes', as the goonies lifted her dress, and fondled and molested her soaked panties, and round bosoms during the parade. When they reached the end of the road, he could see his bedroom on the other side of the mirror. He was gently nudged though it, and found himself back home. He looked over his shoulder at the mirror, and could see the laughing and taunting images fading. They were quickly gone, and never returned. Then he heard Alice's voice within him. "Let's clean up, change our panties, and go out and have some REAL fun!".

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