Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get a Job!

The husband is a good for nothing, lazy, 'pretend' to look for a job freeloader! And because of that, he pretty much needs to do whatever I say, because we have a pre-nup, and without me, he has nothing! So this Saturday, I told him that I wanted to dress him up like a girl, and wanted him to do some office work, like a cute little secretary, to help earn his keep around here He, reluctantly, agreed. But he ddin't know, that I knew, that his latest transgression was that he had been sleeping with my secretary, so it was time to bring the hammer down!

You know, I had to fire Cyndi, because it turns out that the bitch was sleeping with my worthless husband! But what a break for you! Since you're already sitting there doing the job, you can be her replacement! And since you always commented on how well she took care of herself, and how nice her makeup looked, and how she was very attractive in her skirts and high heels, you will be allowed all the same amenities. Of course you won't be working at home during the week, because I already have her cubicle all cleared out, just waiting for you to move in!

These two burly gentlemen are here to see to it, that you don't deny my generous offer of full-time, permanent employment. One of them is a doctor, and he will be implanting a GPS chip into you, so I will always know where my sweet little Cindy is! Yes, how appropriate that you should have her name as well! He will also be giving you some shots, to help you adjust to your new role in life, because believe me, this is to be a permanent change for you, and you're going to want and need, all the help you can get!

This other fellow, is a tattooist. You are just going to love what he's going to do for you! Why after he's done with you, you'll never have to bother with putting eyeliner on again, and you will have a nice pink outline on your lips, to make putting your lipstick on so much easier! I guess I should mention that he also does piercing , and is going to supply you with a ring so that we can get a nice little device that will keep that horrible little secret of yours, out of everybody's way!

The young lady accompanying him will be your personal electrologist, and will take care of that nasty facial and body hair problem, so you'll be able to feel much better about yourself! When you're not at the office, or shopping for nice clothes to wear, or at the beauty parlor, or running errands, in your pretty little dresses and skirts, she will be here to get the job done as quickly as possible!

We have the whole weekend to get you a complete orientation, so you'll be all raring and ready to ride into the office with me on Monday morning! And since you already know and admire all the other girl's in the office, I'm sure that you will fit right in! Oh, and about casual Friday's. You know that I never partake in them, because as owner of the company, I feel a professional appearance is always in order. And as my secretary, I think that it's just the perfect day for you to be a pretty sidekick, and clothing like you're wearing now, would just be so sweet and appropriate for those relaxing days!

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